Reviews = Readers

The way an author can generate more followers (readers), other than by word of mouth, is when their already established reader base leaves reviews. A review, either good or bad, is what will ultimately drive a book to sell or sit on the shelf. Not all reviews are pleasant or kind, but as long as they are constructive – this will alert the author on what needs to be changed in the manuscript. A positive review will show to other booklovers that this author is worth reading. So, whenever you pick up a book (whether paperback, hardcover, or ebook), do the author a favor and leave a review on such platforms as Goodreads or Amazon. You don’t have to necessarily write a paragraph of what you thought about the book, but you can always rate the novel from 1 (being horrible) to 5 (being outstanding). Authors love reviews, we encourage them. Do your favorite author a favor and review/rate their works.

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