Relic Hunter Series

Ash and Blood

A life created from ash and blood by powers unbeknownst to mankind.

A person to rid the world of those destined to destroy it.

The more Magdalene Leech recalls of her former life, the more certain she is that ignorance was indeed bliss. 

Memories come flooding back, bringing to light abuses she’s suffered, lies she’s been told, and secrets she’s buried deep. After fleeing her captors, she settles into a life of peace and normalcy, forging a path all her own.

Then, a fateful encounter with an old woman in possession of an odd pendant changes everything.

Thrust into a past she’s struggling to recognize, Magdalene comes face-to-face with the demon she gave her heart to centuries ago. Now, she’s in a race against time to restore a power that’s rightfully hers … before she becomes a victim to it.