Nine Kingdoms Series

Unleashing the Shadows

Realms rise and fall like the sun, and Reynes is no different. When the chaos finally settles after a fight for control, nine kingdoms emerge, each responsible for diverse races of dark magic creatures forged by a plague that swept over the land. Dermont the Wise, a sorcerer and master of light magic, bound and destroyed this curse, then sealed off the realm from the rest of the world to protect it, thus severing the powers to all magical beings who called Reynes home.

Centuries have passed and stories of the plague have now become myth, spoken about only in whispers or dismissed as fantasy. The remnants left behind still exist, but without their abilities the creatures in these kingdoms are stuck living mortal lives and attempting to blend in with the world around them.

It isn’t until the fall of the kingdom of Drouviel that anyone begins to take notice of the truths hidden in the lies that have been told over the centuries. The key to unlocking the realm and restoring the dark creatures’ powers has been buried in plain sight, but none of the rulers want these horrid beings returning to their former glory as they believe such an action would destroy the realm, placing everyone, mortal and magical, in grave danger.

That is until a young man sets his sights on overthrowing the current rulers in the eight remaining kingdoms to obtain the keys to unlocking the true fate of Reynes and its inhabitants. Some are willing to aid him in his endeavor, while others fear he’ll reawaken the fierce being that almost gained unconquerable power the last time—a creature known as the Shadows.

Beware the Seer

A warning not heeded is the deadliest poison of all. 

The seer has shown Honora her cards, and foretold the future that awaits. Despite the ominous reading, Honora can’t bring herself to backdown. Not with the chance to reclaim her powers so close at hand. 

However, the tarot cards don’t caution her alone. A path has been revealed that allows both Evander and Lycus to prevent the tragedy to come. The lessons aren’t learned by any until a priceless death shakes all but one.

The Loss of Another

Another kingdom has fallen. One that had been ruled by a cruel, callous man.

Geron was never considered a desirable kingdom by anyone in Reynes, but now that it has no ruler the whores, bastards, and criminals who call that land home begin to spread their poison, infiltrating the other kingdoms with their depravity.

Seven kingdoms now remain of the original nine, but only six meet at a royal gathering to determine Geron’s fate and the safety of the realm. Honora finds herself unprepared for the aftermath of her brother Lycus actions, as she’s pulled into a dispute forged by the ruling kings and queens vying for control over the home she shared with him.

Evander sees this gathering as a perfect opportunity to collect the medallions he needs, but he’ll have to be very persuasive in liberating them from their owners without divulging his true identity, or intentions.

Promises Broken

A fortunate turn of events has Evander seeing his desires finally being fulfilled, but at a great cost to his wife Honora. Her only wish now is to flee the realm, but that can’t happen until the gate into the lost kingdom of Toorkuns has been unlocked. The moment it is, all the creatures in Reynes will have their full powers restored, and balance of rule will shift to the dark magic beings.

But neither she nor Evander have the nine medallions required to unlock the gate, and there’s very few opportunities available to obtain them without suspicion. Lies will be told, truths unraveled, and deals made that no husband should ever agree to.

Honora plans on reopening the gate… no matter what.

The Righteous Man

Treachery can lie in the heart of any man, from our worst enemy to our most beloved friend. Some choose to ignore it, while others work on defeating it no matter the cost—and the cost is always high. However, the Righteous Man believes he can alter the course of his life to one of redemption and justice instead of servitude and pain by using deceit and sedition.

But, he would be wrong.

For Honora, it’s something she’s seen in her previous life as the Shadows in the form of Macarius, Dolos, and Dermont. Now it takes the shape of someone she trusts… someone she loves. The betrayal awaiting her is like no other.

For the Righteous Man deceives all… none more than himself.

A Selfish Purpose

Many would enslave her. It’s up to Honora to save herself by any means necessary.

The power of the Shadows courses through Ore’s veins, making her a prize an onslaught of enemies conspire to claim. To her great regret, they aren’t alone in their desires to exploit her. Evander, her husband, has taken to using her when it suits him, then casting her aside.

Greed, arrogance, jealousy, and power: each are selfish masters who dictate the lives of those who allow them into their hearts. All of which Honora has seen far too much of in recent months. Desperate to break free from the noose of cruelty tightening around her, she risks everything to forge her own path. How far will Ore go to turn the tides in Toorkuns? And will the sacrifice required be too steep a price to pay?

Moment of Reckoning

Righteousness comes at a price and now payment is due.

Following the death of her horrid husband, Evander, Honora prayed she would finally be free. However Evander’s master, Dolos, has returned and seeks to claim the Shadows for himself. More than ever, Honora is determined to protect her child by escaping those eager to control them both. 

Yet as painful sins from the past are revealed, those Honora hold dear are forced to relive their worst crimes. Caster’s attempt on his beloved’s life. Lycus’ lust driving him the brink of madness. In light of these ugly truths, Honora must decide if these tragedies are worth risking everything for.

The epic conclusion has arrived in

Moment of Reckoning. The breathtaking finale to the Nine Kingdoms Series written by Ann Bakshis.

Releasing March 2021