S.L. Waters – Author

Olivia Darrow Mysteries

Family Secrets

Olivia Darrow has had a hard life, which started with the unsolved murder of her mother when she was six years old to being raised by an alcoholic father. Her own brushes with the law during her youth didn’t deter her from becoming a detective for CSB, the Civil Security Bureau—the police force in her home state of Asmor.

However, that’s not the only job Olivia has. She also bartends at Verdigris, a strip club in the entertainment sector called Nok—where all sins and vices are legal. The owner of the club, an older man by the name of Joe Ambrose, lives on the posh island of Waterside, whose residents feel they’re above the law and refuse to have CSB interfere with their way of life. Not even when a crime has been committed. That’s why they privately hire Olivia through Joe.

Her discretion and dependability has earned her quite a reputation among the elite.

Richard Cassidy, the wealthy owner of the largest technology firm in the country, hires Olivia to find his daughter, Brooke, who’s been missing for two weeks. She’s a party-girl and is known to visit the underground clubs where only the seediest of individuals gather. But there’s more to the story than meets the eye and it pulls Olivia into a family with secrets much darker than her own.

I See You

Detective Olivia Darrow should be able to rest easy with her billionaire ex, Kane Cassidy, behind bars. Unfortunately, his constant harassment continues, threatening all she holds dear. But she’s not the only one with a stalker. Olivia has taken the case of junior lawyer, Piper Daniels, who has become the target of death threats and an onslaught of menacing phone calls. Delving into the mystery, Olivia learns the young lawyer has secrets of her own that are preventing her from cooperating in the investigation. With her own life nose-diving into chaos, can the tenacious detective uncover who is tormenting the troubled attorney? Or will her divided attentions end in a fatal mistake?

The Lioness’ Den

Wealth has its privileges, far beyond the all-mighty dollar. Olivia Darrow has been placed undercover on an assignment that could cost her everything. Luke Cobb’s lucrative and illegal business dealings are under investigation, and it’s up to Olivia to delve into the depths of his crimes. Unfortunately, her husband, Robert Dean Morgan, has become a vital part of Luke’s growing enterprise. But when Ronan North joins the fray, the stakes are raised to a fatal degree. Posing as an employee of Cobb’s enterprise, Olivia finds herself thrust into a seedy scheme that peddles in human lives. The safety of countless young women are at stake, but Olivia must bide her time and play her part if she hopes to help any of them make it out alive. As moral implications weigh heavy on her, can Olivia focus on the case at hand. Or will one rash decision cause her entire world to come crashing down?

**WARNING: Contains scenes of domestic violence

Into the Deep

Sex. Murder. Arson.

Undercover detective Olivia Darrow boarded the pleasure cruise in hopes of digging up dirt on corrupt business man, Luke Cobb. Instead, she’s caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse.  Posing as Cobb’s personal assistant, things take a sinister turn when a body is found in a fiery crime scene. Arrested for a crime she didn’t commit, Olivia must prove her innocence if she holds any hope of uncovering the truth. Can Olivia escape the charges against her? Or will she be the latest victim crushed under Cobb’s influence?

**WARNING: Contains scenes of domestic violence

Red Rover

Red Rover, red rover, send Olivia over … to the other side.

Homicide Detective Olivia Darrow narrowly escaped being convicted for a crime she didn’t commit. But her troubles didn’t end there. Trapped in her undercover roll as the personal assistant to corrupt businessman Luke Cobb, darkness is closing in once more.

New enemies. Malicious threats. High-profile murders. Only by carefully balancing her personas does Olivia hold any hope of protecting those she holds dear.

Delving deeper into the world of back alley deals and corporate espionage, can Olivia find a way to prevent the collapse of the Civic Security Bureau? Or will the next body found be her own?