Wasteland Series


Meg has spent the last twelve years of her life living in the Wasteland with a protector who has kept her in the dark about her origins, and trained her to be a fighter and weapons expert. 

What Meg doesn’t know is that she is an Antaean: a super soldier engineered to protect the country of Sirain from its enemies, then hidden away from the very cities that sacrificed many of their own people to design her. It isn’t until an attack by a group of unidentified soldiers leaves her permanently scarred, and her protector dead that she begins to learn the truth about herself.  

Trying to survive in a world of strangers, Meg discovers there are more like her: other Antaeans who’ve been hidden from their enemies. Forced from the Wasteland by the loss of her protector, Meg realized she must try to locate the other Antaeans before Sirain’s enemies do – or worse, the cities’ leaders – can discover and destroy them all.


Wasteland: Sirain Rises

Old enemies have become new allies. But at what cost?

Trea wasn’t expecting there would be more of her kind: additional Antaeans the High Rulers didn’t know about. But where did they come from?  As Trea tries to settle into her new surroundings, violence erupts around her. A new threat is discovered, one that could not only destroy her new home, but those she has grown to care about. Should Trea stay out of the war and let events unfold, or does she need to become the Antaean she was designed to be?


Wasteland: Rebirth

War between Eretria and Sirain is inevitable.

Trea’s betrayal has been felt by all those who fought with her, but none more so than by Braxton. Now separated from Sirain and Trea, Braxton must choose where his loyalties truly lie. Will he fight for Eretria, a country he hardly knows, or risk sacrificing Eretria’s survival by focusing his energy on saving Trea? 

With a new Antaean army being trained by his most powerful Antaean Andred – a now brainwashed Trea – Premier Vladim is confident his victory will be quick. But there are forces at work against him. Ones that could cause the war of the century to collapse before it’s begun.