The Litarian Battles are the only thing ever televised. No other shows are transmitted into the Outer Limits. Max has never had an interest in watching, much to the surprise of everyone else around her. She doesn’t see the point of watching contestants battle when no one is ever injured or killed, and all for the opportunity to live in the utopian city of Icarian.  

Things change when she is selected to be a participant. She is sent to the main city of Tarsus where The Litarian Battles are held, Max is subjected to bodily mutilation, life or death battles, and psychological manipulation. And she begins to think there’s more going on than just a chance to live in Icarian.  She soon realizes that the real battle isn’t displayed on television, but behind the scenes. Max is caught between a conflict that may lead to war and rip her society in half. She has to walk a thin line, make sacrifices, and kill friends just to get at the truth and determine who will win the ultimate war.