Fallen Series

Zerah Prophecy

Twins born at a time when such an event hasn’t been seen in centuries. Some fear them, others revel in their arrival, but no one is prepared for the chaos they will bring to the region. Only, this isn’t the first time the pair has caused such disaster. They’ve been around for centuries, a period of twelve cycles in time with their generation. No one remembers their previous existence except those who are sworn to guard the twins through the thirteenth and final cycle. Evolution has been waiting for this point in time, the precise moment when everything aligns with the prophecy foretold by the ancients at the beginning. But there’s a catch…

Creatures from the underworld want the region for themselves, and to destroy the ancients along with their prophecy. An attempt had been tried before and failed. However, now the creatures know what they did wrong, and see the birth of the twins as a means to undo everything the ancients have done. The twins are now endangered by everyone they meet. Will they be able to make the prophecy come true? Their lives, and humanity, depend on it.


Second Coming

The prophecy failed; now what? Michael’s dead, the kerk has fallen, and Aven has been sent to the Dryad Forest with Zander. Their relationship may have been irrefutably damaged because of his constant lying and trickery. Her father, Delphi, isn’t any better. Aven is forced to master her magical skills by using a device called the Gehenna Sphere, an instrument only one other person has ever defeated and it’s been known to warp minds.

But that’s not the only thing Aven is focused on. Comoros is falling into the hands of the Ligotas – exactly what she was trying to prevent. They aren’t the only monsters gaining ground. With the Ligotas no longer manning the underworld, a door has been opened to allow its other residents free range, causing chaos she must contain.



The past should remain in the past, but it has a nasty habit of shoving its way to the surface. No matter what Aven does a life stolen from her keeps roaring back, bringing with it nothing but torment and heartache. She refuses, however, to let the past define who she is now, and even celebrates a joyous occasion to finally bring happiness to her chaotic life. But the merriment is short-lived when the Ancients, along with the Guardians, try to dictate the course of her new-found freedom. Will more sacrifices need to be made, and at what cost? Should Aven ignore history, or let it repeat itself until it ultimately consumes her?



Nothing is ever what it seems.

Zander’s rise from the underworld has put the entire universe in peril, and not just from him. The Wanderers, creators of all life throughout the cosmos, seek to end Zander’s reign of terror by any means necessary, even at an extremely high cost. Aven must battle against time, the Wanderers, and Zander if the universe is to survive. That is, until a past which tests her loyalties and herself is revealed to her.