Find your style

For years, I couldn’t find the method of writing that worked for me. I did lots of research and many writers suggested doing an outline. I hated doing in outlines in school, so I was not about to implement one for every project. It took almost four years for me to discover the method of writing that works for me. I don’t do an outline, but instead I take lots of notes since my characters like to change things up on me as I go (an outline would not work for this). I began to let my characters drive the story and they’ve come up with amazing plots, twists, and turns.

What I also found to work for me is drawing a scene, whether it’s a building, a street, or a city. Now, I can’t draw worth a damn, so it’s hardly artist material, but it does help me provide a better point of views for the characters when they have interact in that surrounding. Many times I can’t write a scene in a book until I’ve sketched it out in my notebook (yup I use a pencil and a college ruled notebook – technology doesn’t work all the time when you get creative).

One more thing…

Always reread your work as you go. I start at the beginning and take copious amounts of notes, so I don’t miss anything that may still need to be covered or a detail that I changed later on in the story and need to rework in the earlier draft.

So – find what works for you. Every writer is different. Be yourself and the rewards will surely payoff.

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