Red Rover, red rover, send Olivia over … to the other side.

Homicide Detective Olivia Darrow narrowly escaped being convicted for a crime she didn’t commit. But her troubles didn’t end there. Trapped in her undercover roll as the personal assistant to corrupt businessman Luke Cobb, darkness is closing in once more.

New enemies. Malicious threats. High-profile murders. Only by carefully balancing her personas does Olivia hold any hope of protecting those she holds dear.

Delving deeper into the world of back alley deals and corporate espionage, can Olivia find a way to prevent the collapse of the Civic Security Bureau? Or will the next body found be her own?

Cover Reveal – The Celestials Book 2

The God of Life and Creation seeks to end a malicious vendetta, and will allow no one to stand in the way of his murderous agenda. Yet when his grandson, Nash, learns the truth behind his grandfather’s desires, he finds himself wrestling with whose side to be on in what is sure to be a bloody battle.

Torn between duty, and his deep love for Katarina, Nash begins questioning all he thought he knew.

The gate is open, allowing unspeakable evil to seep through. Can Nash stop the rising darkness? Or will Katarina pay for his failure with her life?

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  • Bibliotheca
  • Baker and Taylor
  • Vivlio

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  • IngramSpark (limited selection)


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Cover Reveal – Nine Kingdoms

Book 5: The Righteous Man

Treachery can lie in the heart of any man, from our worst enemy to our most beloved friend. Some choose to ignore it, while others work on defeating it no matter the cost—and the cost is always high. However, the Righteous Man believes he can alter the course of his life to one of redemption and justice instead of servitude and pain by using deceit and sedition.

But, he would be wrong.

For Honora, it’s something she’s seen in her previous life as the Shadows in the form of Macarius, Dolos, and Dermont. Now it takes the shape of someone she trusts… someone she loves. The betrayal awaiting her is like no other.

For the Righteous Man deceives all… none more than himself.