Nine Kingdoms

I’m very excited about my new fantasy series: Nine Kingdoms, with the first book releasing at the end of this year. With the extent of what I’ve written so far the first two initial books have now been broken into four due to their length. I’ve had to create new titles and book blurbs (which I hate writing), but it gives me the opportunity to expand the series further than I thought possible. I’m not sure how many books there will be as I let the characters drive the story lines and in this particular case there are several points of view telling their part of the epic tale, branching it off into segments which will all tie in together towards the end. It’s quite a challenge that is both fun and exhausting.

I also plan to do something a little different with this series than I have with my other ones. Nine Kingdoms will have it’s own logo and exclusive merchandise depicting each kingdom as well as specific designs for various groups throughout the series. It’ll be quite the undertaking, but one I’m thrilled to dive into.

So, stay tuned for further updates on this epic project and my frazzled nerves.

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