Getting Creative

Finding a name for your character(s) can be daunting. It has to fit with the atmosphere of the story you’re telling as well as the character(s) your fleshing out. If the name doesn’t work, then the entire story could fall apart. Sometimes determining the name of your main character can be the hardest aspect, but one way to overcome this obstacle is to get creative… think outside the box. In most of my books my characters have unique names, ones that aren’t used in the everyday world. I do have a few characters with what would be deemed “normal” names, but I try to shy away from those since I feel that if the character’s name is unique, then it puts your story above others.

Names aren’t the only thing you need to get creative with.

Depending upon what type of story you’re trying to tell, you may need to come up with a saying, phrase, song, or poem that is strictly yours. This can be both incredibly fun or extremely difficult, it just depends upon on how complex or essential you make this additional piece of work.

In my Fallen Series, I had to come up with not only one poem, but two. As well as then having to go back and modify one of the poems for a later scene. Here is the first poem, located in Zerah Prophecy, before its modification:

“Come find me in the valley where the ethereal waters flow, and blessings will be given in time as you grow. Sadness must come as your journey awaits, your destiny chosen as the prophecy dictates. The past is a memory of which not to forget, for soon there could be a great deal of regret. Temptation abounds and falter you may, but peace will come on the thirteenth of days. Zerah, my love, your life will divide as evil does its best to trick your mind. Changes to body and soul are assured, but even these tasks will need to be endured. Give in to your fate even as darkness shines, for you are the benevolent, the pure, and the divine. Twisted fate has brought you here, but close to death you have no fear. Magic and mystics call your name, but neither will be glad you came. Horrors await even the loyalist of allies as they burn, turn, and relish your demise. Fear not as all is not lost, for they will all pay a heavy cost. Shadows and monsters now fill the void to ensure those who tremble are forever destroyed. A new world you have created, one of knowing, one of fear. For those who don’t forsake, the end will be near.”

Updated poem, located in the last book of the Fallen Series: Wanderers:

“Come find me where the dead have gone to rot, and evil consumes your every thought. Sadness is inevitable, as the ending looms near. Your destiny chosen by those whom you fear. The past lives as if it were happening today, a never-ending cycle that won’t go away. Temptation your weakness as lust fills your thoughts, so, for this, you shall pay a heavy cost. Aven, my dear, your life was once mine, but they took you away, so I must repay them in kind. Changes you’ve seen, but none quite as fierce as those that await your loved ones most dear. Given in to your fate as my darkness shines, for I am the true ruler of all of mankind.”

Any aspect of your story, make sure you’re original and defining not only your character but who you are as a writer.


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